The appearance of the floors in your facility or home sets the tone for the look of the entire place. Worn floors bring the entire room down. Our floor restoration services which include floor stripping, floor sealing and waxing is designed to restore almost all floor types to their original look.

KARIS Services offers a wide range of different floor care services.

Before you consider replacing your floors, you might want to first have our specialists take a look at them.  With our professional floor care services, you could see the beauty of your floors restored with a fraction of the cost of replacing them.  We provide high quality floor sealing and waxing services, guaranteed to give your seemingly worn floors their beautiful look back.

If you have worn down, dirty, or unfinished floors, it doesn’t matter how well you clean and decorate, the room just won’t look great. By contrast if you have well maintained floors they can lift the room up and make your facility look nicer, cleaner and more welcoming.

Routine floor care saves money! Routine floor maintenance not only makes the appearance of your facility much better, it lifts employee moral, and saves money by extending the life of the floor and protecting against costly repairs.

Different Floor Care Services

KARIS offers various types floor care services including daily cleaning and maintenance, machine scrubbing, strip and refinish, scrub and recoat, as well as high speed buffing/burnishing.