Need to sell your property? You need a pre-sale cleaning service. But, don’t just hire any company, hire an experienced team that understands what it takes to get your property simply looking good to buy.

At KARIS Services we know that when it comes to selling your home fast, first impression does matter. That is why we are proud to offer you unmatched expertise and knowledge in pre-sale cleaning that guarantees to create an impact on potential buyers and maximize returns on your investment..  We are Edmonton’s Most Reliable Pre-Sale Cleaning Service provider trusted by outstanding realtors, property managers, owners of homes of all sizes and conditions – we clean them all.

What types of properties do we clean?

Our cleaning experts specialize in the complete detailed cleaning of all properties for pre-sale presentations. We cater for all property types including homes, apartments, short term accommodations, residential and commercial buildings, corporate suites and function spaces.

Every time we clean, we do so with a long term goal: build a mutually beneficial business relationship with you. We believe our passion for great service, our depth of knowledge and integrated services will result in your total satisfaction, creating a harmonious relationship between both parties.