Regular House Cleaning

Trust Edmonton’s Most Complete House Cleaning System! Our trained home cleaning specialists will clean your house from top to bottom, front to back, corner to corner !!

Kitchen Cleaning – In your kitchen, we clean outside appliances, stove tops, microwave inside and outside, sinks, cupboards, cabinets, thorough clean exterior surfaces,  Disinfect  counter tops, garbage container, Hand wash small amount of dishes, Mop floors…

Bedroom and Office Area Cleaning – We dust and vacuum all bedrooms, including furniture, floors, window sills, and baseboards; we dust exposed heat registers, light fixtures, lamp shades and artwork.

Bathrooms – we thorough clean sinks, counter, mirrors, lights, cabinet (exterior), paper holder, tower rack, toilets (in and out), showers, bathtubs, stand in showers; Clean and shine metal and chrome items such as faucets and handles; Vacuum and mop floors and rugs.

Living, Dining and Family Rooms – In the Living, Dining and Family Rooms as well as the Walkways/Hallways, we dust furniture, vacuum carpets, clean under couch cushions, dust light fixtures, exposed heat registers and baseboards, clean patio doors (inside and out). We dust everything throughout your home … Everything!!! From top to bottom, left to right, corner to corner…. ( Some in rotation – depends on frequency of visits (daily, weekly, bi- weekly or monthly)) , Vacuum carpets, sweep floors, Mop hardwood & tile floors, Dust windows/sills (inside), dust air vents, empty waste baskets, Dust glass/surfaces, mirrors/picture frames ( In Rotation – depends on frequency of visits (daily, weekly, bi- weekly or monthly) , Dust baseboards, book cases, Wipe phones with disinfectant and other frequently used items.